Phil Mews is a BAFTA-nominated television producer and writer. He is the author of the best-selling memoir Orphan Boys and the popular comedy series The Corned Beef Chronicles. Phil is currently working on the TV series The Yorkshire Auction House for the Discovery Network and recently completed his first novel The Girl On The Red Carpet, scheduled for publication in 2023.

The Girl On The Red Carpet

Lizzie Button is a producer on UK Today, Britain’s biggest breakfast television programme. In a world of demanding celebrities and egocentric TV executives, Lizzie works to bring the showbiz stories to millions of viewers every morning.

One night, while interviewing film stars at a red carpet premiere, an incident occurs that thrusts Lizzie into the limelight and overnight fame. While coming to terms with her new celebrity status and the news of her father’s sudden death, Lizzie is haunted not only by ghosts of her past but by a mysterious stalker in the crowd.

Now a world-famous celebrity, Lizzie sets out to discover the truth behind her late father’s mysterious secret and put a stop to the people who are determined to derail her career and ruin her life.

Having worked in television production for over twenty years, author Phil Mews takes the reader behind closed doors, lifting the lid on the world of breakfast television and celebrity culture proving that the real drama and the best stories happen behind the camera.