Carol Graham was born and lived in Nigeria until she was eight years old. Originally a Home Economics teacher, she moved into teaching students with Special Needs. Her involvement with Competition Carriage Driving resulted in the publication of two memoirs. She has lived in Upper Weardale for 22 years A Shoulder on the Hill, her first memoir of living in a place she loves passionately, was published in 2020. Her deep, personal relationship with this special place unfolds further in A Shoulder to Lean On, published in September 2022.

A Shoulder to Lean on

Carol’s first memoir of her life in Weardale, ‘A Shoulder on the Hill was published by ‘Wagtail Press’ in 2020 and is a true and deeply personal account of the many rich layers of her life, all the hard work, the setbacks, the blessings and the unexpected rewards of a life shared with traditional hill farming neighbours, animals with eccentric characters and Bed and Breakfast guests. Such was the demand by readers for ‘more please! that ‘Wagtail Press’ are publishing a ‘Companion Book’ entitled A Shoulder to Lean On in September 2022. As well as ‘Old Friends’ from the first book, tales of  more of the animals that she has lived with and her relationship with local wildlife, this book is a more reflective one, dealing with the effects of two years of Covid and other crises on both Carol and the community she lives in. It recounts how the old house on the hill has become her ‘shoulder to lean on’ – physically, emotionally and spiritually – then and now.