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Lisette Auton’s work focuses on identity, play, kindness and access. Disabled, neurodivergent and northern, some say she’s a word artist, she says she does stuff with words. She works as a writer in all its forms, as a solo artist, with collaborators, and alongside wonderful humans as a creative practitioner.

Lisette is an award-winning poet; the 2019 Early Careers Fellow for Literature at Cove Park; on the TSS Publishing list of Best British & Irish Flash Fiction; and winner of The Journal Culture Award 2021 for Performance of the Year for Writing The Missing – A River Cycle commissioned by Durham Book Festival. Her debut middle grade novel The Secret Of Haven Point was published by Puffin in February 2022, with The Stickleback Catchers to follow in February 2023.

You’ll find Lisette’s work in galleries, online, in theatres and bookshops, as well as random places such as laundrettes and railway station waiting rooms.

The Secret of Haven Point (Puffin 2022) is a magical debut middle grade novel celebrating the joy of found families and the importance of inclusion and acceptance. When Alpha was a baby, she washed up by the lighthouse at Haven Point, a remote beach on the North East coast alive with wild magic. Alpha was the first foundling – and now the lighthouse at Haven Point has become a ramshackle home for any disabled child or adult who has ever felt excluded from society. When Alpha spots a strange light up on the headland and realises that her beloved family are in danger of being discovered by Outsiders, it sets in motion a chain of events that will change Haven Point forever.